The Books

The books are a summary of what happens, when people think the way they think.
When their thinking is misdirecting them. When their thinking let them take ways, which are not good. When they are not oneself.
They are different when they think differently. When they learn to do one´s own thinking. If they don’t let their minds go free. When they watch their thinking. When they realize, that they do not one´s own thinking. When they realize, that the fact, that they don’t know what they’re thinking, is misdirecting them.
This cannot be taken from them – that they get to know this. That they learn, to watch their thoughts.
That they learn, that if they are constantly fed with negative thoughts, their thoughts will misdirect and drag them down.
Then they are different. Then they are not only different, but are not, what they are.
Then they are not oneself. Then they cannot be oneself, because they are misguided by their thoughts.
Men are. They are what they are. They are lovers.
Men are lovers means: “They can love. They can love oneself. They can also love other people.”
If man goes and does what he wants, then he is on the right way. Then he is, what he is. Then he is a lover. A man who can love. Who loves, and can love, and does what he wants.
Men are not aware of this.
Hence the “books”. The books are there. They are something meant to help people.
The “books” are meant to help men, to see. To recognize. To see and recognize, what is.
Men should recognize. They should see, what is, so that they can change something. They should learn to go. Go, and learn to see.
Men don’t see, what is happening. They cannot see it, because they are misguided. Misguided by a lot of things, which are happening.
They are misguided by the media. Misguided by information, that constantly make them think negatively.
They think negatively and are full of fear. Fear paralyzes men and drag them down. Men are no more oneself.
Men can change that. They can stop letting them misguide all the time. They can stop paying attention to what they are constantly told about, by newspapers, television and other media.
You are bad. You are not able to do anything. You are someone who needs constantly to be told, what he has to do.
That is basically what is the message of the newspapers. What people hear all the time.
Now men say: “no!” We have enough. Enough of everything they tell us.
Enough, of how they want to manipulate us. How they intentionally mislead us.
We have enough of this. We do not follow them anymore. We are no more there now. We do not want it any more.
We no longer want to be lied to and cheated on.
We now want to decide oneself, what our way should be. We go it independently.
The state is good.
It can help us. It does not help us if it incapacitates us. When it tries keep us away from other men.
If it does not let us be, what we are. If it wants to separate us. When it robs us. If it wants to take everything, what we have.
We are now independent. We worked for it. We now take responsibility. Responsibility for our lives.
That is good. We are independent and take responsibility. That is good and shows us, that we can do, what we can.
We are good. Good enough. We can do everything. All, that is necessary.
We stand together and change, what needs to be changed. We are strong enough. We can go. We are not alone. We are many men.
Many men, who can stand together. Who can be on the way, together. Who are there. Who are not only there, but are there, for each other.
God is with us, too. HE can help. HE can help, if men want. When men are aware. When men are in their hearts. When they perceive oneself. If they want to be different.
Being different is important. Being different brings strength. Strength, which men need, to do, what is necessary.
It is necessary, that men realize, that it is important to go, now. To go forward and leave behind everything that hinders men going.
Men can do that. Not only they can do it, they have everything available. Everything, men need.
They have the talents and skills to do anything together. Everyone in his place. Everyone with his enthusiasm for what he can do. Everyone with responsibility for what he does.
Men go. This can be shown in the “books”. They go and can change. Change what is necessary. Change what can be. Change what is necessary, that it can be. Ultimately can be.
That men take responsibility for their lives. Think and act independently. Go forward independently. Do not leave anything to others to do, what they should do.
Men go, and go together. They are on the way to a life that will carry them on and let them go on.
A life that can make them happy and satisfied.

This is the story of those who supposedly want to run the world

Summary of Tweets for those who want to understand

What is new, you are asking. Nothing is new, I tell you. It is a long time, since we are looking on something, which we should have never allowed to happen to us. It is the presence of people, who are not good. Not good and want the world to be, like they are.

It is nothing new, that many people live on the account of other people. It is only not obvious enough, that only a very few people in the world own practially everything of substance. What happens here, is the question?

It is obvious, what happens. We will be surprised, when all the things, which are there, become more and more obvious. Obvious means: “the light will be there and show all of us, what is going on. A great game, which is nothing worth for the people.”

Your action is called upon. You are now those, who can do something. Collectively. You can stand up. No revolution, but saying “no”. Say no. Say no. Say no!!! No, to all the things, which hinder the world to be.

It is your world, people of the world. It is your world, which is suffering. The human beings on this world are collectively suffering because of only a very few people. This is true. True, and can change, if you are there, people of the world.

The last words, people of the world: “you can do it. You, and only you, can do it. It is up to you, to do it, and end something in the history of mankind, which is so disgusting, that nobody, who is a human being, can see it. End it, people of the world!!!”

„Sie haben die Möglichkeit, jedes der Bücher zu lesen und zu hören. Klicken Sie einfach auf das jeweilige Buch!“

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“Leading makes happy“ – Self-Management as a key to become a top leader

All of us want to be happy. In each of us there is a leader and a follower. The way we perceive our leadership responsibility for our life and those of other people is determining our level of happiness. To be capable to lead yourself gives you strength to be an authentic leader and guiding beam for others and thus, above all, the ability to accept the responsibility for other people.

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“A new form of our world“ – The human being in the center of a value-oriented management culture

Our economic system and our society are going through a period of upheaval. Visions, values, goals and strategies are on a test bench. More than ever everyone of us is required to be aware of one’s own responsibility and proof one’s ability to cooperate. In his book „A new form of our world (“Die Welt der neuen Art“), Lothar Mayrhofer highlights the potential of a human-oriented management culture.

Your Path to Self-Healing: Brochure

Leadership, healing, love – three “core elements” that have a profound influence on our lives – how we live and experience life. Our health. Our personality and the development of our personality, our character. Our relationships – their quality, intensity, and their stability and permanence. Our beliefs, our faith in ourselves and in our fellow human beings. Allowing ourselves to be as we are. Our success – whatever we regard as success – outward success or the richness and abundance of internal success. Our contentment and zest for life. The experience of the meaning of life. Ultimately, our relationship with God and creation – the recognition and the acknowledgement of a higher guidance and our connectedness with it. The realisation that in the end, everything is interconnected and interdependent. We are not alone, we are one with everything.

The Earth Is There!

The Earth is suffering

Men see