School of Self-Healing


Individuals acknowledge their personal responsibility.


Individuals learn to lead themselves.
Individuals learn to love themselves.
Individuals learn to heal themselves.

You learn and experience

You are a student.
You learn how to heal yourself.
You learn autonomously.
You learn with the aid of the brochure which I give you as a gift!

The Brochure

The bochure provides information on what you are able to do!

You can read the brochure or listen to the audio format!
You can read it on the homepage!
You can listen to the audio format on
You Tube!

You proceed in this way:

  • You will learn independently.
  • You will search for the root cause of your disorder.
  • The chakras and meridians will reveal the root cause.
  • You will learn to treat these energetic dysfunctions yourself.
  • In this way, the natural flow can be restored.
  • Your goal should be to “help yourself”.
    • You help yourself by accepting the acknowledged need for change.
    • Your contribution lies in consistently executing what you have set out to change.

You yourself are responsible for your health.

You can learn to heal yourself.

You are the caregiver for your “house”, your body.

You have to do your part to help preserve its health.

You can do this yourself.

Statutes of the “Institute for Self-Healing”

  • The Institute for Self-Healing is altruistic. It does not do anything that people have to pay for. Its purpose is to provide information about what can help people help themselves.
  • The Institute for Self-Healing is altruistic. Its purpose is to do what is necessary so that people know what they can do to heal themselves.
  • The Institute for Self-Healing is altruistic. It does not do anything that may harm people. It does not have any organization. It is not there to talk people into anything. It just gives people a guideline on what they can do to heal themselves. They learn autonomously when they want to. No-one is there to tell them what to do.
  • The Institute for Self-Healing is altruistic. It has nothing to do with anything that might be given a name in the healthcare system. People are to know. People are to be able. People are autonomous. People have everything at their disposal to do autonomously what helps them to help themselves.
  • The Institute for Self-Healing cannot do anything. It can only be there. It is there, and it has no obligation to anyone. It is merely the result of an initiative that intends to help people to heal themselves. It is only there for whom it may concern, for people who don’t want anything else but to learn how to be able to help themselves.
  • The Institute for Self-Healing cannot do anything. It has no-one who can bring about anything. It only exists, with its website, and enables people to do something themselves. They can learn autonomously.
  • The Institute for Self-Healing follows no obligation. Its website grows thanks to the information received on the website. The website has come about thanks to information delivered by people. They can do it. They receive no compensation. Nor does the Institute for Self-Healing.
    It is not responsible for what people write on its website. It can only reflect what people write. So it’s not for those who do not want anything to be written. It is only for people who want to write and who want to deliver information, and for people who want to learn. The only information to read is what people want to be read. So there’s nothing there that cannot be explained. People have opinions. They can contribute these on the website. They may say what they want. It’s their right to write there what they think. It is their right to think. It’s their right to state freely what they think. They want to do it. They can do it now, here, on the website of the Institute for Self-Healing.
  • The Institute for Self-Healing is an initiative. It may also offer books. These books are sold at a price which serves to cover the costs for producing the books and conducting all advertising activities for the books. Nothing is left over for the Institute for Self-Healing. It invests any surplus from the difference between sales and costs into advertising the books. The books are to act. They are to inform people. They are to inform as many people as possible. All generated revenues serve this purpose. No other goal is possible. Only this one goal: “Let as many people as possible read the books and get the information.”

The Institute for Self-Healing does NOT carry out any diagnoses, therapies, or treatments in a medical sense, nor does it offer any. It aims to support the rediscovery, recovery and/or reinforcement of self-healing properties of one’s own body. There are no medical knowledge or skills present, so our information cannot replace any medical treatment. We consider cooperating with conventional medicine to be very important. Hence, no current treatment should be interrupted or terminated, no necessary treatment should be postponed or omitted. No healing promises are made. It is up to your free decision if and/or for how long and which information from the Institute of Self-Healing you want to make use of.

About Dr. Lothar Mayrhofer

  • Born on February 22nd, 1949
  • Resident in: A-2500 Baden bei Wien, Erzherzogin Isabellestraße 18 and in GR-74060 Mariou/Rethymnon, Kreta.
  • Married, three children
  • Top-Manager ret. and Initiator “SCHOOL OF SELF-HEALING“


Book author since 2009:

  • Publication in 2010: „Die Welt der neuen Art“ – der Mensch im Mittelpunkt einer wertorientierten Führungskultur (“A new form of our world“ – The human being in the center of a value-oriented management culture)
  • Publication in 2015: „Führen macht glücklich“ – Selbstführung als Schlüssel auf dem Weg zur Top-Führungskraft (“Leading makes happy“ – Self-Management as a key to become a top leader)
  • Brochure 2019: „YOUR PATH TO SELF-HEALING”
  • 2020: Books related to the world as it is now. Books that show everything. Books that also show what needs to be changed. Books that also show what can no longer be and what is no longer the case. Books that are also there for people to recognize. Recognize what is.
  • 2023: Book: The Story about those who supposedly want to run the world.
  • 2024: Books that show what is and what can be if and when people change.