My motivation

My past mostly involved leadership, in particular the leadership of a company, my own capabilities to lead, my role model and my ability as a leader, to develop and appoint managers, who are constantly in an awareness process, that only those who are capable to lead oneself, may lead others.

Managers who are able to live a respectful leadership. Leadership that focuses on the whole person – mind, soul and body. Those who make the interest in the person tangible. Leadership that addresses the entire potential, all talents and skills and even arouses interest and gives room to the characteristics of the individual, who are in search of evolvement.

Almost as much time I spend with leadership I have been focusing on the topic healing.

After all, good leadership causes a healing atmosphere – a sense of well-being. Healing is achievable when it is possible to awaken the self-healing power. To raise awareness for what is necessary to be healed. To be changed. To overcome the extremes of polarity. To learn and to teach. A leadership task – a self-leading task. An individual and collective task.

Always searching for the cause of salvation and disaster. As long as one cannot find the cause of an illness, the healing is not possible. Mind, body and soul are complex. Everything is connected. Everything interdependent. Everything has to be in a flow or in harmony to be healthy. The influencing factors are versatile.

Thoughts, belief systems, words, actions and the environment are the sources. To make the effect transparent and raise awareness is difficult and time consuming and requires commitment and dedication. Medication often falls short. It alleviates pain but does not eliminate the cause.

Over a long period of time a wish has grown in me to help people to discover and to activate their self-healing power. To become a healer and to sustainably maintain people’s health and joie de vivre.

In order to realize this big dream I have undertaken many steps.

I spend many years on education to become an energy practitioner and spiritual healer – Spiritual healing by professor Johannes Sauter 30 years ago; energetic massage by Petra Boss; months in a retreat in Thailand with the monk Master Han Shan, and much more. Eventually I successfully completed another extensive education as an „energetic spiritual healer“ at the „Schule der Geistheilung ® “ (School of spiritual healing) based on Horst Krohne. I meditated for hours daily.

Leadership – Healing – Love: These are my topics. They act synergistically. They are mutually reinforcing their effect. We are chosen, appointed in one way or another to be healers or to become one. I would like to contribute to the healing process of many.

My calling

“My motivation is and always has been to walk the path together with people. My experience has taught me that this is the most valuable thing.”

Your Path to Self-Healing: Brochure

Leadership, healing, love – three “core elements” that have a profound influence on our lives – how we live and experience life. Our health. Our personality and the development of our personality, our character. Our relationships – their quality, intensity, and their stability and permanence. Our beliefs, our faith in ourselves and in our fellow human beings. Allowing ourselves to be as we are. Our success – whatever we regard as success – outward success or the richness and abundance of internal success. Our contentment and zest for life. The experience of the meaning of life. Ultimately, our relationship with God and creation – the recognition and the acknowledgement of a higher guidance and our connectedness with it. The realisation that in the end, everything is interconnected and interdependent. We are not alone, we are one with everything.

The Earth Is There!

Men see

The Earth is suffering

New kind of world: the book

“A new form of our world“ – The human being in the center of a value-oriented management culture

Our economic system and our society are going through a period of upheaval. Visions, values, goals and strategies are on a test bench. More than ever everyone of us is required to be aware of one’s own responsibility and proof one’s ability to cooperate. In his book „A new form of our world (“Die Welt der neuen Art“), Lothar Mayrhofer highlights the potential of a human-oriented management culture.

Führen macht glücklich : the book

“Leading makes happy“ – Self-Management as a key to become a top leader

All of us want to be happy. In each of us there is a leader and a follower. The way we perceive our leadership responsibility for our life and those of other people is determining our level of happiness. To be capable to lead yourself gives you strength to be an authentic leader and guiding beam for others and thus, above all, the ability to accept the responsibility for other people.